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B3bag – Big Bright Bag

The only extra large waterproof bike pannier with wheels!

The B3 bag combines the best of a waterproof pannier with the advantages of a shopping bag on wheels. The nicely designed and durable bag makes shopping a lot easier. The B3 bag smoothly rolls along with you on the street or shop floor, and adaptable hooks make it easy to fit it to the baggage carrier. The B3 bag can also be used as a travel bag: if you travel by train, for instance, you can hook up the bag on a rental bike on arrival, and cycle the last leg of your journey to your destination. The B3 bag really gives you a lot of space!

B3bag XL02

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Price: 139,50 euro/bag

Material: watertight polyamide with watertight welded seams

Wheels: softer plastic

Extra: inside pocket with sipper and 2 mesh pockets


Volume: 40 liter/bag, 80 liter/2 bags

Payload: 15 kg/tas, 30 kg/2 tassen

Size: 30 x 70 x 23 cm (l x h x d)

Weight: 1,9 kg

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B3bag XL01


The XL01 is the first version of the B3bag. The XL02 is the new improved model. The content, tie rod and hooks of both models is identical. If you are looking for just a shopping bag, the XL01 is very suitable. If you want to use it more intensively and also use it as a weekend bag, we recommend the XL02.

From the XL01 we only have some last copies left.

Price: 96,80 euro/bag | 173,60 euro/2 bags

Material: watertight Tarpaulin (oilcloth) with watertight welded seams

Wheels: hard plastic