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With the form below you can order a B3bag. As soon as we receive your order we will send you an invoice as soon as possible. Once we have received the payment, we will send you the B3bag.

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You can also mail your order to info@vierfiets.nl

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    B3bag XL02


    Price (incl. VAT)
    129,50 euro/bag
    259,00 euro/set of 2 bags

    New price (incl. VAT) from 01-01-2021
    139,50 euro/bag
    279,00 euro/set of 2 bags

    Shipping costs (incl. VAT)
    The Netherlands: 5,95euro/max. 2 bags
    Rest of the world: on request

    B3bag XL01


    Note: last copies!

    Price (incl. VAT)
    96,80 euro/bag
    173,60 euro/set of 2 bags

    Shipping costs (incl. VAT)
    The Netherlands: 7,09 euro/max. 2 bags
    Europe: 11,75 euro/max. 2 bags



    Volume: 40 liter/bag, 80 liter/2 bags
    Payload: 15 kg/bag, 30 kg/2 bags
    Sizes: 30 x 70 x 23 cm (l x h x d)
    Weight: 1,9 kg